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Madhrikan & Mysterio Conjure Houdini!!

A Halloween Special!!

One Time ONLY!


October 27, 2018


Harry Houdini died 92 years ago on October 31, 1926.  His widow Bess conducted séances every October 31 for ten years to try to communicate with her dead husband, the final séance being conducted on October 31, 1936, at the Knickerbocker Hotel on Ivar Street off Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

            In the final show of the season at Madhrikan’s Theater of Magic in Berlin, Ohio, Madhrikan and Mysterio will be attempting to make contact with the ghost of Houdini during that performance.  They have recently acquired a device that had been present at the final Houdini séance, but not employed.  These two master magicians will use this mysterious device in their recreated séance scene during the performance.

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