Our 2019 Season is AMAZING!! 

If you have seen our show before, you've got to come AGAIN!   

This year, our show is more dynamic, more thrilling, more entertaining, more exciting and more delightful than ever before!!


Madhrikan charms and delights his audience with tricks and antics.  Doves disappear, Moritmer the magic bunny reappears, our lovely assistants vanish, levitate, are sawn in half and even put on fire!

Mysterio is living up to his name with more mind reading and more mysterious tricks! 



 One of the most astounding tricks this year is The Moth!


You do NOT want to MISS this!! 

The Mascot Moth is a trick that was invented by the great magician David Devant over 100 years ago.   This trick was performed nightly by Seigfried and Roy in their Las Vegas Theater but otherwise, has rarely been performed on stage.  Come see our interpretation of this amazing, historic trick!!   It is the greatest trick you will see!!  




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