WaxTags Invisible Thread Anchors

$ 5.95

Wax Taqs securely anchor your invisible thread to just about any surface! Instead of digging for wax each time you need some, simply pick up a Wax Taq. A variety of shapes and sizes ensure you'll always have the perfect amount of magician's wax ready when you need it!

Use it to anchor invisible thread, secure final loads in their hiding places, or even a quick fix for those emergency utility jobs before your show! It's a durable product that reacts evenly across more temperature zones than ordinary magician's wax.

• Strong and easy to use!

• Minimal residue formula!

• Fast setting for instant results!

• Assorted shapes always the right size!

Strength and stickiness developed from all-natural fibers, completely safe to touch. This wax temporarily bonds to metal, plastic, wood, and finished surfaces, including most non-porous surfaces.

Contains about 60 anchors. A one-year supply for most working pros! Wax Taqs Invisible Thread Anchors are versatile, but they don't come with instructions. The tricks are up to you. Wax responsibly!