Vanishing Microphone - Euro

$ 4.95

With this fake microphone and the pull supplied,
you can make a microphone vanish in your hand.

Or ..... You tuck one or several silks into your fist, the next moment they are gone! You can also vanish rope, sponge balls, paper napkins, etc. The same silk you just vansihed, can be produced from the trouser pocket a second later ... to be vanished again.

The outfit consists of an elastic pull. You do not have to do any movements to cause the vanish. The container is large, you can easily put one large or 3 smaller silks, or rope or sponge balls into it.

The props are black to be invisible aginst your clothing Easily repeat the routine, for instance if you are Table Hopping. In the instructions you learn how to adjust your Big Load vanisher and the following routines are detailed: Repeat Silk Vanish,Vanishing Microphone.