$ 23.95

One of the hottest-selling tricks for over a decade!

The magician removes a pin that is stuck in his shirt and places it on his palm-up hand.

Slowly the pin stands on its head, then lays down again.

The magician removes his hand and the pin remains horizontal...floating in air!

Here's what baffled magicians & inventors of other floating effects:

The magician legitimately passes his hands above, below, in front and back, and on the sides of the pin, then passes an ungimmicked hoop over it!!!

On command the pin slowly sinks to the table.

This mind-boggling effect is EASY to do and immediately repeatable.

Comes with a small, white ball that floats, bounces off your fingers, then finally rises up to the magicians hand, plus ideas for floating other objects.

Special Hidden Gimmick does the magic!