Sponge Ball Sleights DVD 101

$ 9.95

Learn the Basic's of Sleight of Hand with Sponge Balls

DVD Instructional Series

Professional Tod Buchanan teaches in Minutes!
Tod teaches you valuable sponge sleight of hand, Up Close and Personal.

This studio shot DVD will become your priceless reference tool for mastering sponge ball effects!

You’ll use this sleight of hand over & over again.

Learn the Basic Sleights and Moves:

Fantastic Routine BLAST-OFF: Sponge Balls Travel in Space and Back to Earth!

Splitting a Sponge Ball in Half:
Watch it and Perfect the Sleight of Hand!
Produce Sponges from an Empty Coin Purse:
2 Rabbits Multiply in your Hand!

Also taught to you:

The Slap & Flash Appearances - Several different Vanishes and MORE!

Coin Purse Classic Sponge ball appears from an empty purse Also taught to you: Toss, Roll-Over & Pass Vanishes