Secrets of Wu Sin

$ 32.95

Magician tells the story of a Chinese man who owned a Chinese laundry and his name was Wu Sin.  Wu Sin charged 10¢ for every garment he washed.  Wu Sin, however, had a secret.  He was not only a laundry man, but he was also an alchemist and sorcerer.  He could take base metal and turn it into gold.  He had power over metal.  Magician takes a large Chinese coin and an enchanted ring and gives it to a spectator.  The ring and Chinese coin are ordinary with no unnatural properties.

            The magician takes the Chinese coin out of the spectator’s hand and touches it to the enchanted ring and the ring mysteriously sticks to the coin.  The magician gives the ring a spin and it spins by some invisible power that holds it to the coin.

            The problem is that the Chinese authorities prohibited anyone for practicing alchemy and sorcery.  So one day the police came to find the enchanted ring of the sorcerer.  When they came, Wu Sin took the ring and coin, placed them in his hands, and just as the police appeared, Wu Sin clapped his hands and the coin and ring vanished.  This is the real secret of Wu Sin.