Psychokinetic Bolt with Case

$ 117.95

This is REAL Close-Up Magic!

Display a nut and bolt, have it examined by the audience.
This is placed isolated on the close-up case, and the bolt visibly un-threads off the nut.
The spectator can pick up the nut and bolt off the case, and examine them.
The effect can be repeated as often as you like.
You can even work it in reverse, having the bolt thread into the nut instead of threading out.
This does not use any of the traditional methods -
no strings, springs, rubber bands, wires or pulls.
Although gimmicked, the nut and bolt will stand the most rigid scrutiny, as there is nothing attached to the nut or bolt.
We supply you an attractive close-up case (13" x 8" x 2.25"),
with a velvet top which also serves as a close-up mat.
You can carry your other close-up items in the case,
and perform them on this case, followed by the miracle effect for the climax.