Production Orange - Latex

$ 15.99

Amazing imitation of a real orange with the exact same texture and colour.
More than 3 feet away you can't tell it is not a real orange.

Imagine the scene: you take an orange-colored silk and ask the audience “What color is the silk?”, and everybody will answer at the same time “orange”… in that moment you will be able to say, “Yes, it is in fact orange!!!” while you make appear out of nowhere a fruit (an orange) just as real as the ones in the store!

It has a small hole, which is easily hidden with a fingertip.

This hole is necessary to avoid any vacuum effect and quickly recover the shape once crushed.

It is also useful to hide small handkerchiefs or to make them appear.

Useful too, if you don´t want to perform with real objects, to perform the “Orange, Lemon, Egg & Canary Trick ” routine.

Easy to handle, which allows you to execute techniques like the ones that are used in sponge balls routines.