Phartwell's BIG BOX of Practical Jokes

$ 10.95

April Fool's Day is our favorite holiday by far!  

Phartwell's Big Box of Practial Jokes is great for any prankster!

This contains five of the best-selling tricks/practical jokes of all time.  

The Classic Nail-through-finger - Oooohh!!  This hurts!  With a little bit of improvising, this classic prank can create some real anxiety and some real laughs

Squirt Chewing Gum - Ask someone if they'd like a piece of gum and squirt water in their eye whenever they try to grab a piece.

Dog Poo -  The perfect prank that creates the shock without the smell!

Rubber Spider -  Startle anybody with the classic rubber spider

And, of course, the Fly in the Ice Cube - this great little prank is another classic.  You can gross out anybody!  

Enjoy some good clean fun with Phartwell's Big Box of Practical Jokes