Needle through Arm w/Blood - Voodoo

$ 29.95

  • COMPLETE Professional Outfit
  • Finest Needle on the market, with 8 oz. Bottle of Blood and 4 oz. Jar of Cement

    Clean your forearm with a strile towel and all the lines and jokes that go with this. Push the Needle completely through your forearm flesh. Move the needle up and down even back and forth, you don't feel pain. NO harm done you say!
    Blood slowly begins to flow from your forearm , then becomes a heavy flow (if desired). Remove the needle from your arm, and wipe away the blood. SHOCK and AWE Magic!

    Your arm is Unharmed - ALMOST REAL MAGIC!
    8 Ounce Plastic Bottle of Blood
    10 Inch Stainless Steel Needle
    4 ounce Elmers Rubber Cement Glue
    Fiber-Board Packaging Tube
    Machine Attached Rubber Bulb