MADHRIKAN MAGIC SET - The Best Kit for Kids

$ 56.95


Tricks Included:

 CHANGE BAG Make items appear, change and disappear in this mysterious bag of mystery and intrigue.

FANTASTIC DRAWER BOX This magical box will make any item that can fit inside it appear or vanish!

MAGIC COLORING BOOK Illustrations are magically drawn, colored and vanished!

BALL AND VASEThe round ball magically moves in mysterious ways, appearing and disappearing from the genie vase.

DOUBLE COLOR CHANGING SILK – Red and blue handkerchiefs become yellow and greenright in front of your eyes!

MAGIC FLOWER POTInvisible seeds placed inside the magic flower pot turn into a beautiful flower instantly!

HAUNTED HANKY This scary hanky posseses your pet ghost, which will rise under the handkerchief for all to see.              

      This is the best magic set for young children that can be purchased.  Every trick is of top quality and they are used by professional magicians all over the world.

Items purchased separately total $74.95 - SAVE $20.00!!