Invisible Thread

 Viper Thread is Now Finally Available to Magicians!

Ideal for almost any routine that requires a true 'INVISIBLE' thread.

Impossible to see against any background, yet float Bills, Pins, Cigarettes.

Strands have been mechanically loosened for easy stripping!

8 feet of Continuous thread for 100's of Performances!



The newest must have from WaxTaqs is the incredible Tiger Stripe Camouflage Invisible Thread! Stealth and mystery meet suspension and levitation. Add a new level of invisibility to your PK magic routines!

Regular invisible thread creates a line of site for the spectator to follow from the floating item to its anchor point. New Tiger Stripe Camo Invisible Thread breaks up the line of site with a unique process that first removes the shine, and then adds our exclusive camouflage pattern to each individual strand!

• Invisible invisible thread!

• Closeup, parlor, and stage!

• Float cards, money, and more!

• Age-old technique modernized!

Tiger Stripe Camouflage Invisible Thread is super strong Nylon, treated through a molecular chemical reaction to provide a versatile solution for your invisible thread needs. It's virtually invisible in any environment!

With your purchase, you will receive 20 feet of the new Tiger Stripe Camouflage Invisible Thread and a FREE pack of WaxTaqs Invisible Thread Anchors!

Tiger Stripe Tip! Tie one big loop in a single 6-foot strand of your new Tiger Stripe Camouflage Invisible Thread. Drape it on top of your head and over your left shoulder. Now, when you crumple a dollar bill on the thread in front of you, it can float from side to side, back and forth, even all the way around your body!