Devious w/ Gimmick & DVD - B. David

$ 41.95

Imagine having the ability to take an ordinary glass bottle and VISUALLY penetrate the neck of the bottle with a playing card, dollar bill or piece of paper laying around.

The DEVIOUS gimmick can be added to any brown glass bottle. The gimmick is invisible and is something that is very easily brought in and out of play.

Not only can you perform the object melting through bottle neck effect but you can also perform an awesome bottle through spectators shirt or even a penetrating cap routine.

The possibilities with this effect are endless.

The DEVIOUS gimmick is something new and will excite even those magicians that think they know what the method is.

Points To Remember

- Custom Made never before seen gimmick.

- Easy to perform

- Loads of possibilities

- Virtually Impromptu