Der Kuss - Magic Trick - A Catalpa Trading Company exclusive

$ 12.95

Magician selects a female from the audience, preferably, a female with beautiful lips.  He takes a deck of cards from his pocket and placed the deck on a table.  He asks the female assistant to cut the deck where she pleases and she removes the card from the deck which she chose.  After she identifies and memorizes the card, the magician asks her to return the card to the deck.  She then is asked to pick up the deck and shuffles it.

            The magician retrieves the deck from her and thumbs through the deck, selecting apparently her chosen card.  To his surprise the female helper tells the magician that the card he has chosen is not her card.   So he thumbs through the deck again and selects another card, which also is not her card.

            The magician says that he is having trouble finding the card and that he is going to need help.  Magician says, “ I think I know what the problem is.  This trick is called Der Kuss, which is German for The Kiss.  If you could just blow a kiss at the deck, I think I could find your card.  But you’ve got to really mean it!  I mean, this has to be a kiss with passion.”  So he asks the female assistant to blow a kiss on the deck.  The magician now thumbs through the deck and immediately finds the selected card. The magician informs his helper and the entire audience that he is certain now that he has the right card, because this is the only card in the deck that has a kiss on it.