Coin Unique - US

$ 65.95

Ever Seen A Real Miracle

An INGENIOUS work of ART from England

COIN UNIQUE is an improbable effect which can be performed without any sleight of hand or tricky moves.  This is a self contained, precision machined Masterpiece.
The gimmick set is a LOCKING MAGNETIC, US Half Dollar with a shimmed US Quarter inside it's face.

Read that again!

With this wonder, the array of possible routines are endless. Its a whole new world of close-up coin magic.

     Ten different effects are supplied in the instructions.        

Bare Hand Coin Vanish    Coin thru Hand
Coin thru Glass Matchbox Coin Vanish
Coin thru Table Coin Thru Silk
Coin In Deck Shrinking Coin
Switch Away Coin Fake Take Vanish