China Robbers

$ 32.95

Magician tells the story of the China Robbers of the late 1600’s.  In China then the only coins that had value were the ones that had a hole in the center of the coin.  All other currency was considered to be counterfeit or worthless. The China Robbers were the most mysterious thieves of all.  They could steal coins out of your closed fist.

                One day an unsuspecting patron met up with a China Robber.  Of course, the patron was totally unaware that he had encountered a China Robber.  The China Robber asked the patron if he could borrow two Chinese coins.  The patron responded in the affirmative.  The Robber took one of the coins and placed it into the right hand of the patron and told him to close his fist tightly to make sure that the coin could not be removed. The China Robber placed the second coin the left hand of the patron with the same instructions.

                The Robber asked the patron if the coins his hands were still there and the patron answered in the affirmative.  The Robber told the patron to be careful because China Robbers were everywhere.  The Robber then left and patron opened his right hand and found a worthless Chinese coin with two holes in it instead of one hole.  He opened his left and found another worthless coin with no holes in it.  He then realized that the China Robber had stolen his two good coins and left him with two worthless coins.