Butterfinger & Baby Ruth Candy Bar Display

$ 40.00

This is an original candy bar display for Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bars.   This exact display has been used in Catalpa Trading Company on the counter top near the cash register and actually holds the Butterfinger and Baby Ruth candy bar boxes!  We have used this display for years but no longer have a place on our counter for it.   

It is a sturdy, metal display and is in excellent condition.  To add to the uniqueness of this piece, there a sticker of the original grocer that used this original, antique display before us.  The grocer, John Holder located on Market St.; Belle Vernon, PA.  

This is a very rare and unusual display and will be a great addition to your home, collection or your own business venture!

Measures 17" tall, 8 1/2" wide and 11" deep.  

Ships separately from additionally ordered merchandise.