Ball & Vase - Royal

$ 6.49

This is the perfect magic trick for beginners.

In fact, the Ball & Vase Trick is actually one of the very first tricks that Madhrikan learned when he was a young boy.  

This trick is very easy to learn and perform.  It is perfect for a budding magician but it is a timeless classic that adds to any routine.

The magician uncovers a small vase to show a little ball inside. The magician takes the ball out and replaces the lid, sealing the empty vase.  The magician places the ball in his pocket and uncovers the vase once again. The audience is shocked and amazed  because the ball has returned!

Comes complete with all necessary props and detailed, professional instructions

This is one of our favorite tricks.  You can buy it on its own here or you can buy it in the Madhrikan Magic Set.