Madhrikan's Magic Show

MADHRIKAN produces white doves from thin air and makes white rabbits disappear!  His lovely assistants add color and sparkle to the stage! Mysterio appears and does amazing mind tricks!

Madhrikan’s Magic Show is a high-flying fast-paced full-length production with both large-scale illusions and close-up magic with audience participation.  The 2020 show will bring back some popular features from the 2019 season, but will primarily have a plethora of new surprises and thrills.

The big sensation of 2019, the Mascot Moth, will return for the 2020 season.  This beautiful and mysterious illusion has rarely been performed over the last 100 years and we want to offer this opportunity again this year for those who have not yet seen it, as well as those who would love to see it again!