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Artist's Conception

   In the depths of winter an amazing place is coming to life day by day.  Our theater already holds an atmosphere of drama and excitement.  Evoking the style and spirit of the grand old theatres and opera houses of a day gone by, the setting is both majestic and intimate.

   Rich colors of crimson, green and cream decorate the soaring proscenium arch that frames the stage.  Beautiful antique fixtures that at one time were actual open-flame gaslights adorn the ceiling.  Gilded "gingerbread" trim adds  just the right note of old-fashioned elegance.  The vintage ambiance is warm and welcoming, promising big thrills, good times and great entertainment ahead.

    Coming days will see a very special feature added - an imposing gallery of antique magic posters arrayed on the walls of the theatre - Blackstone, Carter, Alexander, Fu-Manchu, Sorcar and many more of the great names from the world of wondrous magic acts throughout the years.

   Four of the most famous magicians ever to live were from Ohio and these four will be featured by at least one of their original posters.  They are Macdonald Birch, Connellsville, OH, Grover George, Zanesville, OH, The Great Raymond, Akron, OH, and Howard Thurston, Columbus, OH.  We wanted to make sure Ohio's foremost magicians were represented.


   We are privileged to have as our contractors the very talented and able men of Berlin Construction.  More than just workman, these men are truly artisans, and their handiwork is amazing.  Every day we see more and more of the beautiful things they create.  


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