28 September, 2016

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Amish Farm Stand Just Outside of Berlin, Ohio

   Autumn is a wonderful time of the year - colorful, exciting, filled with energy - but do we think of it as a time of beginnings?  True, our calendar years start with January, and there's always the big commotion about New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  To me, though, fall is much more of a beginning than some cold, dreary day in the dead of winter.

   The school year, of course, begins in the fall - new pencils and notebooks, college students outfitting their dorm rooms.  Excitement and energy abound, and the world around us seems to be "coming alive" in a special way. 

The spectacular display of the autumn trees is one of the most beautiful sights of the year, and yes, the leaves will depart, but as they fall, they leave behind the buds that will begin the new growth in the springtime. 






   With the feeling of beginning in the air, we are officially starting this blog and want to take you with us on our journey through the upcoming year in our business.  It promises to be a very exciting time in many ways.

   Now that our new sidewalks and road are at last finished in Berlin, vehicles and pedestrians can move easily once again.   It is all very pretty and everyone will enjoy it.   We are heading into our busiest time of year in Berlin - the month of October. Amish country is at its most beautiful then and lots and lots of people come out to see it. 


   Most exciting of all is the start of the building of our new theater.  We have been looking forward to this event for a while now, and the time is finally here!  September 23 marked the ground-breaking for the construction.  Gid Yoder of Berlin Construction is our contractor, and we really enjoy working with him.  He is very smart, creative and industrious and we feel privileged to have him in charge of this momentous project.

    In this blog we want to keep a running story of our progress in this endeavor.  Stay tuned!





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