We love sweet words from our customers!

10 January, 2015

It's always a delight to hear from our customers, and we want to share some of their comments with our readers.

On November 22, 2014, Ron and Robin made the following blog post on our website. 

We’ve been visitors to Amish country for years and always love to make a stop (or two) at Catalpa. Whether it be from the nostalgia, the conversation or the wall to wall fun we always leave a little happier than when we walked in. Can’t wait to go back!


 Pam R. and boys sent us this note on our contact page on December 1, 2014:

I wanted to say thank you again for all of you and your amazing store. My 3 boys Jamie Justin and Jordan and their girlfriends and myself have loved coming there. It makes my birthday every year. You all are so kind to me asking about my health and how we all are doing. its so great to come to a store and feel so comfortable and allows you to go back in time and smile. God bless you all!! We were there Sat  Nov 29th ...See you soon. Pam  R. and boys

And then on December 16, 2014, Jessica M. wrote through our contact page -

I am SO glad you have this website now!!! I love your store & after I moved away, I missed it!!!! Now I can shop more often here !!!! Don't ever go away!!!!! :)

We appreciate all these great comments!

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