"Catalpa" - What Is it, Anyway? Have You Ever Wondered?

15 May, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

Do you know the pronunciation of the word "catalpa"?  Can you spell it?  And what is it, anyway?  

Well, If you don't know the answer to these questions, you're in good company.  Most of the people we have met over the past 20 years have had those very problems with the word.  Yet it refers to something very commonplace that you may see every day without realizing it.  

Catalpa (ka-tahl-pa) is the name of a tree with big heart-shaped yellow-green leaves.  In the spring it is covered with beautiful big white flowers and at the end of the summer you can see long narrow bean pods hanging on it (Side note:  There is a yellow and black worm that feeds on catalpa leaves and down South it makes a good fish bait).

So why did we pick out such an unfamiliar word, not especially easy to spell and pronounce, and use that for the name of our business?  The answer goes back to the beginning of our business in our craft show days.  When our son was in high school, he took up wood-carving, and his carvings were some of the first items we ever sold in our business.  A couple of these carvings can still be seen in our shop. The catalpa tree is great wood for carving - so we came up with the name Catalpa Trading Company.

Now "catalpa" is not only the name of a tree, it is also the name of a shop in Ohio's Amish country that is great fun!

We have come a long way from craft shows, and we have watched many changes in the little town of Berlin over the last 20 years.  Now we have a brand new Dairy Queen and gas station just as you come into town from the east.  In coming months the road through town will be made into three lanes, sidewalks will be widened and there will be no more parking on the streets (we have two fine new parking lots in town).

But we're still right here, playing our trademark lively music, offering all kinds of fun for your amusement and amazement - magic tricks, toys, games, candy, tin signs, collectibles, and on and on.

So come see us - and now you know the story of our name!









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