Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery

Since 1871


This may be the most amazing medicine that we sell.  It is famous for aiding digestion and promoting normal stomach activity.  Anna Miller of Munfordville, Kentucky, writes, “I’m so glad to still be able to get Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery.  It helped me so much while growing up years ago – now I want to use it again.  My children also need it, as they, too, have digestive problems.


The most amazing thing about Dr. Pierce’s is that it is a body regulator.  It keeps the body in balance, and this is why it aids digestion so effectively.  We have had women to write and tell us that it even regulated their monthly periods, even though Dr. Pierce makes no such claims.


It is a totally natural product containing blood root, gentian root, Oregon groper root and other natural ingredients.  This is a truly remarkable medicine, and that is why it has endured for over 100 years.


8 oz.           $8.50             PM14